I wholeheartedly recommend Ola as a coach to all those who wish to self-develop and enhance their competences. She is practical and listens carefully, which translates into great dynamics and effectiveness. She has created a foundation for my better handling and overcoming weaknesses. I  finally believe that it’s me who holds all the power to work on: increasing my self-esteem, assertiveness, coping with negative emotions and practising more positive thinking. I recommend Ola who will lead you towards your goal and is knowledgeable and well-experienced. It’s worth working on your self-development.

Paweł, entrepreneur

At first I was rather skeptical about coaching, but my mom convinced me to meet with Ola. Already during the first session I noticed how incredible this form of self-development was. With Ola’s help I realised what was important for me and how to get motivated to achieve it. I set a goal that I wanted to accomplish and I knew it was within my reach to achieve it. The sessions with my coach had kick-started a process of changes that I’m very happy about. Ola helped me believe in myself and understand that I’m the one responsible for my own life. Ola, thank you so much for your help and I wish you all the best.

Kasia Sławińska,

I’d like to strongly recommend coaching sessions with Aleksandra Sawicka-Motriuk. She conducted the sessions with great sensitivity, complete trust, openness and warmth. They were a chance for me to focus just on myself. With great competence, Ola motivated me to accomplish my goal, to change my life, to change myself – and with complete success. Thanks to the coaching I have discovered things about myself I had not been aware of nd everything turned out to be much simpler than I had assumed possible. Each session was productive, creative and a learning opportunity for me. It’s been an experience I won’t easily forget.

Ola Kowal,

Coaching sessions with Ola made me aware of things that had previously been out of my reach. I learned about my default modes of operation that I had until then been unaware of; I opened myself up to a completely new way of thinking and new, non-standard ways of handling various situations. My top priority was to set a goal and define a step-by-step route to accomplish it. With Ola being a trustworthy, empathetic and open coach, I was able to open up myself and give 100% to the coaching process. Ola’s greatest asset as a coach is her ability to listen, her patience and provoking me to answer the questions I had never before even asked myself. After each and every session I felt a new surge of energy and the strength and enthusiasm to work on accomplishing my goal. I’m really grateful for these sessions and I strongly recommend Ola as a coach!

Anna Chmielewska,

I started working with Ola at a rather important moment in my life – I was changing jobs with a lot of new situations, new things to do and a lot of emotions. Coaching with Ola helped me get a mental closure on the previous job and work out my new reality so that I could focus on what the future would bring for me. The most valuable thing in the coaching process was creating my own mechanism to help me take better care of myself in stressful situations. It works every time and I’m grateful for it!

Jakub from the Learn Co NGO,

After each session with Ola I truly felt it was time well- spent. After each meeting I had a specific self-discovery / finding / observation and an action plan. All of that is due to the fact that Ola is a great and careful listener and manages to capture key issues and ask very pertinent questions. She also quickly creates trust which makes it easier for a client to start working on issues of greater caliber. She’s a professional and kind coach.

Katarzyna, Career Office at University of Economics,

Ola Motriuk accompanied me on my life-path for 6 weeks. It is a short path in terms of time, but for me it was very intensive and important! They say good parents give their children good wings and roots. Ola gave me (or maybe I discovered them thanks to her?) my wings: strong and large ones – I have become my own agent and awoken my belief that only I have the power to make changes in my life. Ola helped me transform fears, doubt and the hodgepodge in my head into new life plans and specific actions. My new resolve and mantras from our sessions have all been written down and hung in a visible place in my kitchen. I often look at them. Coaching sessions with Ola Motriuk are meetings with a professional coach but for me – on top of all that – they were meetings with a kind, committed and wise person. I’m deeply grateful for Ola’s work!

Kasia, journalist,

I’d wholeheartedly recommend coaching sessions with Aleksandra Motriuk.They were an opportunity for me to look at myself, identify my emotions and define what was important to me. During the sessions we did not focus exclusively on my work, but on all areas of my life, which helped me better understand my motivation and goals. Thanks to these sessions, I have become more aware of myself and thought through what hinders and what helps me at work and in my effectiveness.Aleksandra Motriuk conducts coaching with sensitivity and creates the right kind of atmosphere to make you feel safe and trusting. With her broad experience and knowledge, the sessions never follow the same pattern, but are an effective experience with someone who makes you want to work on yourself. Thank you again, Ola!

Gosia Mikołajczyk, Sektor 3,

I met Ola at at coaching school and had the frequent pleasure to have coaching sessions with her. It’s difficult to say what was more valuable for me there: to be coached by her and (with her powerful questioning and harmonious way of being which made me feel safe) - to deal with my challenges and become inspired to act; or perhaps it was to observe a fantastic coach ‘in action’ who uses professional tools and techniques, but is also kind and authentic in her interest in the other person. Amazingly, Ola can somehow find the most accurate and to-the-point questions and provoke you to think so that you end up running an inner dialogue and get to the bottom of what you want. It’s good to be on this inward path together with such a wise coach who doesn’t judge or suggest solutions, but helps you just by listening carefully and inspiring you to think things through.

Beata Kotlarek, business trainer and coach,

Already by the second session with Aleksandra my initial skeptical attitude to coaching has been replaced by admiration for its effectiveness. Aleksandra showed impressive professionalism. She never imposed her opinions or suggested solutions. Instead, we analysed different scenarios and solutions that I had not previously quite seen, even though they were at my fingertips. Coaching with Aleksandra was time spent efficiently, and the conclusions I reached have largely contributed to the improvement of my new business venture model.

To whom it may concern Aleksandra Motriuk and Agnieszka Polarczyk-Białek provided team coaching for one of the teams at Sudecka Chamber of Commerce (Sudecka Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa) in Świdnica from September 2015 to November 2015. Team coaching sessions were very professionally conducted and we’d like to commend our coaches’ knowledge and skills. Working with the team coaches helped me as a team manager understand and clarify our plans and goals. It also showed me ways to improve in my professional life. The sessions also helped me eliminate low self-esteem and lack of belief in achieving my professional goals. The coaches also supported me in finding work-life balance and ways to better handle stress-related situations in my life. Aleksandra and Agnieszka made me realise what it is to be a good leader, leading my team to achieving success, how to manage my team and particularly how to forge and maintain good relationships and deal with conflicts at work. I believe that working with the coaches has broadened my horizons and my self-awareness as a leader and helped my team believe in their abilities and full potential. Thanks to the sessions I now know how to manage my team, set compelling goals and then accomplish them. Each session was like an injection of energy and openness to change. I can recommend Aleksandra and Agnieszka as responsible, sterling and competent team coaches. In my case their methodology was very effective and efficient and I would heartily encourage anyone to work with Aleksandra Motriuk and Agnieszka Polarczyk-Białek.

Beata Drozdowska, Sudecka Chamber of Commerce

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